What is ceramic coating?
Ceramic coatings that we offer at Patriot Detailing are only of the highest quality.  I am able to obtain any ceramic coating that the client wishes, however, we cannot warranty the quality of said coatings.  Fear not because we have done our research here and have countess hours of experience with coatings.  Our top coatings that we utilize are (in diminishing quality order) Liquid Armor (2-5 year coating, lifetime coating also offered with pro-line, transferable warranty available!), Cquartz 3.0 UK (2 year coating), Blackfire (2 year coating) and some Armor Tech IX (1-2 year coating).
As described above the hardness, durability (longevity of protection), ease of clean (high hydrophobic properties--water beading on steroids!!) all are made possible with any vehicle that is ceramic coated.  When comparing pricing, again, make sure that the coating is being applied ONLY over previously cleaned, claybarred and polished paint.  The ceramic coating will "seal behind" any paint imperfection, defect or embedded trash that is in the clear coat.  For this reason the prep steps prior to laying down a ceramic coating must be METICULOUS, DETAILED and corners can't be cut.  The price for a coating can range from 500 to 2300 depending on the vehicle's condition, the coating applied, the warranty chosen etc.  The durability of a coating is dependent on proper washing, avoidance of harsh chemicals, and driving habits (if you drive your car thru a blizzard every week the coating may last 1.5 years and not 2, but if it is a garage queen a 2 year coating may last 3 or 4!)Here at Patriot detailing, we pride ourselves in being the most competitively priced mobile detailer in the Denver Metro with the highest quality for the money (we will beat any legitimate competitor shop or business for EQUAL work).  EVERY SINGLE ceramic coating installation will be preceded with a extreme 4-6 stage paint cleaning to ensure the highest level of gloss, defect-free paint surfaces are being coated!  We  want your vehicle to look better than new!