How are cars evaluated to estimate the price of the services?
The most often heard phrase around Patriot Detailing is "my car is pretty clean, it doesn't need much".  This is when I smile and reach back to my experience with even NEW CARS with 14 miles on the odometer.  A new car has vinyl wrapping that is used in transport, if the car sits at a port or a warehouse awaiting delivery you can have rail dust, tar, airborne contaminants settle and contaminate even new paint.  Most new cars also have minor swirls because a lot of dealerships still use touch car washes with brushes or improperly hand wash a vehicle.  
As I inspect a vehicle I will take into consideration the following:  swirls, defects, tar, contamination, oxidation, color of the car (darker cars are harder to polish and correct because a dark car will accentuate even the most minor paint defect), for interiors (pet hair, excessive interior dirt), and tree sap.